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One Way One Heart

使命 Mission


​「使徒行传Acts 1:8」

地址 Address

Grace China Church (Surrey)

102-17802 66 Ave, Surrey, BC

V3S 7X1

日期 Time


May 17th Eve

​到 to


May 19th Afternoon






  • 5月17日 周五:

    • 晚上7:30开始第一次礼拜,结束后回家休息。

  • 5月18日 周六:

    • 早上10点开始进行第二次礼拜;12-2点,出去吃午餐;

    • 下午2点开始进行第三次礼拜;5-7点,出去吃晚餐;

    • 晚上7点开始第四次礼拜,大概9点结束后,回家休息。

  • 5月19日 周日:

    • 早上10点开始进行第五次礼拜;12-2点,出去吃午餐;

    • 下午2点开始进行第六次礼拜;大概4:30,完全结束。


Ivan 牧师

Ivan牧师来自美国,在Hungry Generation教会中的一位非常有复兴能力的牧师,并且也是社区传福音的先锋。他将在本次同心同行中作为讲员,与我们分享上帝的话语。

Connor 牧师

Connor Knieling牧师是美国Lifestyle Christianity 事工中的一位年轻牧师。这个事工的使命是,让一代人行走在上帝赋予的身份中,装备人们每天遇见耶稣,并像祂所说的那样行走。

Screenshot 2024-04-06 at 2.31.06 PM.png


Conference Fee & Registration:
Screenshot 2024-05-04 at 9.07.33 PM.png

​*现在报名将享受补助价;有主爱的公司愿意给每个报名全程3天参加的弟兄姊妹,每人补助$35, 不要错过,现在报名。(注:若你只参加周日的早上或下午,将按照$20/场收费,没有额外补助。)




*Register now to enjoy a subsidized price; a company that loves the Lord is willing to subsidize each brother and sister who registers for the full 3-day event with a $35 subsidy. Don't miss it, register now. (Note: If you only participate in the morning or afternoon on Sunday, you will be charged $20 per session, with no additional subsidy.)

*Note: There are only 30 registration places for children aged 6-12 years old, first come first served.

*This conference will not provide meals, but drinks, fruits and snacks will be provided. Enough time will be given for everyone to have lunch and dinner at some restaurants around the venue.

*Within one week after you complete the registration, if you find that you are unable to participate in this event, you can apply for a refund by email. The refund will be minus a 7.5% handling fee. After one week, there will be no refunds.


付费方式 Payment Methods:

1. 邮箱转账或现金:请在教会中找Sandy赵传道或Mary刘姊妹,填写报名表并完成付款。邮箱地址

2. 线上信用卡付款:请填写以下电子报名表,并完成付款。

EMT or Cash: Please find Minister Sandy Zhao or Sister Mary Liu in the church, fill out the registration form and complete the payment. Email address:

Online Credit Card Payment: Please fill in the following electronic registration form and complete the payment.



​Online Registration


*请大家按照以下的价格表,计算好所有参与者费用的总和,并完成付费。Please follow the price list below to calculate the total fees for all participants and complete your payment.

Screenshot 2024-05-04 at 9.07.33 PM.png

Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!


Purchase Streaming Videos:


If you are unable to come to the event but still want to experience the One Heart One Way Conference, you can choose to purchase the live broadcast videos. After completing the purchase, you will receive an email with viewing rights and video links within 2-3 working days.


Purchase Streaming Videos

Select the live broadcast you want to purchase 选择你要购买的直播场次:

*请按照你的选择,计算好所有费用的总和,并完成付费。Please calculate the total of all fees according to your choice and complete the payment.



Thank you for your purchase. You will receive an email containing the video link you purchased within 2-3 working days. Bless you, Immanuel!

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